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Nimbus Works, LLC. We hereby vow to convey
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Listed below are the projects Nimbus Works has worked on recently, listing chronologically with the latest on top. The clients span not only in Asia, but from North America to the Pacific Coast areas.
The portfolio lists mostly website projects, but our service is not limited by such. For more information regarding our areas of expertise, please check “Service” or contact us here.

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Nimbus Works was established in 2005 in Norwalk, Conn. and has provided creative services to both online and off-line media. With website design as our core business, we also provide web app, interface design for mobile phones and other devices, user experience design, and more.
We admit to our obsession for the beautiful and precise design, not
merely a satisfactory result while trying to achieve the client’s
strategic goal.

Web/SNS marketing

With the web advertising at its core, the scope of our service ranges from introducing your merchandise or service, a system to complete business transaction online, to enrich customer relationship, using the latest in SNS.

Creative Solutions

Branding your corporation’s strengths is not just about shaping corporate image by CI or various PR activities. As our individualities are not defined only by our facial features, one-dimensional corporate characterization is not enough.

UI/UX Designs

UI/UX Designs is closely connected to its usability. The best UI/UX let the users get what they want without having to acquire special skills. We design a recognizable, yet easy-to-use interface, not to mention the superb functionality.

Seminar & Consultation

We have openly shared our knowledge and examples we’ve acquired through our work.We participate in seminars small and large, and also webinars customized to a theme or the audience.


Shhh! Don’t tell, but there are other secret projects we have worked on.
If you’re REALLY interested in knowing them, you can ask here.


We're the Web communication company.


Ninety percent of our new clients have been referred to us through the satisfied past clients and/or business partners. The remaining ten percent are the projects for which we asked to work with. We are proud to have the support of our clients in bringing in business without excessive fanfare.
The word Nimbus means aura or halo, and make no mistake, it is what we’d like to put around our clients, not our own. The ring of glory we find by focusing on client’s potential needs and satisfying the users… let us worship and bask in your glory.








Megumi Yamada

Megumi Yamada


Megumi has worked in Connecticut and New York area and currently serves as the Communication Director at Nimbus Works. She also contributes articles to several art industry magazines.

Yuko Commy Nohara

Yuko Commy Nohara

Creative Director

Yuko currently works as the Creative Director for Nimbus Works overseeing the aesthetic quality of each project. She is an internationally-renowned painter.

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